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Demolition Contractors Logan

red excavator machine removing debris of a demolition

At demolition contractors Logan, we specialise in demolition services. We know the sensitivity and difficulty associated with demolition. That’s why we work closely with our clients to create a solution that meets their needs, is safe for the environment and results in minimal disruption. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable about the latest regulations, safety standards and protocols.
Demolition to us is not just about demolishing a structure or knocking it down; instead, we focus on how to do the job efficiently, cost-effectively and safely. We understand that demolition is not just about getting rid of a building or structure as quickly as possible but also involves considering safety, environmental concerns and other factors.

Here at demolition contractors Logan, safety and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We ensure all safety protocols are followed and adhere to the highest safety standards. Our team is experienced in demolition work and understands the importance of considering the environmental impact, safety concerns, and customer needs before any job starts.


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    Our Demolition Contractors Logan Services

    THE BEST Demolition Contractors Logan

    Demolition Contractors Logan

    Demolition contractors Logan is the leading provider of demolition services.

    At Logan demolition contractors, we offer a wide range of services, including home demolition, commercial demolition, partial demolition, land clearing, excavation, and asbestos removal. We believe in delivering the highest quality of services and pride ourselves in doing so. When you choose us, you choose quality, competitive pricing, and experienced professionals.

    a house that has been partly demolished

    Home Demolition

    Home demolition is a comprehensive service for demolishing a residential structure down to the ground.
    Home demolition is mainly done to either replace a house with another one or create space for some other purpose. An unsafe and deteriorated structure can also be demolished to improve safety.
    Our experienced demolition team follows precise and safe work practices throughout the process, ensuring that the job is done correctly. We carefully evaluate any existing structures or utilities that may be in place before beginning any work.
    We understand how important it is to ensure that everything is done per safety regulations and environmental codes. Our team takes extra care when conducting any home demolition operations.

    storey building being taken down

    Commercial Demolition

    Commercial demolition refers to demolishing any structure used in a business or commercial setting. This could include demolishing an office building, hotel, restaurant, factory, warehouse, etc.
    In these cases, it is crucial to consider any existing utilities and other structures near the area being demolished. Commercial demolition helps to clear out outdated and unwanted buildings, creating valuable space for new development.
    Our team is knowledgeable in the proper use of tools and techniques required to demolish any commercial structure safely.

    yellow excavator demolishing a house

    Partial demolition

    Partial demolition refers to the selective demolition of specific sections or components of a building. This process is often used when remodelling an existing structure, such as removing walls and other non-load-bearing elements to create new spaces. Partial demolition requires precision and knowledge of the building’s structural integrity to avoid damaging any load-bearing elements that need to remain intact.
    Partial demolition requires skill and tact, as mistakes can lead to dangerous conditions such as instability and the potential for collapse.
    We are experts in partial demolition and can tailor our approach to your needs. We will work with you to plan and execute the project promptly and cost-effectively while adhering to all safety standards and building codes.

    strips outs being done in a house

    Strip Outs & Deficits

    In demolition, strip-outs refer to removing all existing fixtures and fittings within a structure. This can include anything from plasterboard, architraves, plumbing and electrical connections and general items such as carpets and curtains.
    We are experienced in strip-out works and strive to minimise disruptions to the building’s operations during this time. We provide our clients with a total solution by ensuring that all debris is disposed of in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner.
    We are also experienced in dealing with any deficits that may need attention, such as damp walls or roofs and plumbing or electrical faults. We will work with you and the appropriate professionals to rectify these issues before the new works commence.

    a man at work removing asbestos

    Asbestos Removal

    Asbestos is a hazardous material and requires specialised removal methods. Asbestos pauses dangers to the health of personnel and building occupants if not removed correctly. We will arrange for specialist contractors to assess, identify and safely remove any asbestos from the premises per relevant legislation.
    We are experienced in recognising the presence of asbestos, safely removing it and disposing of it responsibly.
    We will provide you with a comprehensive report that details all aspects of our work, including air monitoring results, to ensure safety and compliance with Australian standards.

    excavator moving tree stems

    Land Clearing

    Land clearing is clearing an area of land for construction or other purposes. Land clearing offers benefits such as creating space for new development, reducing the risk of fire, and increasing the overall health of an ecosystem.
    We have the necessary equipment and expertise to clear a site quickly and efficiently. Some of the equipment we use are excavators, bulldozers, and other heavy machinery. Our team of experienced professionals will ensure the safety of all personnel and equipment on site.
    We will ensure compliance with state and local regulations regarding land clearance and be mindful of protecting existing vegetation, wildlife and other areas of environmental concern.

    excavator machine removing debris

    House Demolition

    House demolition refers to dismantling an existing structure and removing all material from the site.
    House demolition is necessary when a structure is too damaged to be repaired, or a new building must be constructed on the same site. House demolition can also create space for landscaping and other improvements.
    Our experienced and knowledgeable crew will ensure all safety regulations are followed during demolition.
    We work quickly and efficiently to ensure a safe environment throughout the demolition process. The debris is then removed from the site, leaving it ready for the next phase of your project.

    land clearing in progress


    Excavation refers to removing soil, debris and other materials from a designated area. Excavation involves using various tools and machinery, such as bulldozers, excavators and backhoes.
    Excavation is necessary for areas that need to be constructed, but there are many obstacles, such as underground utilities or large rocks. It can also prepare areas for construction, landscaping, and other projects. Our experienced professionals will ensure the safety of all personnel and equipment on-site throughout the excavation process.

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