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Demolition Gold Coast Pro: The most trusted demolition company on the Gold Coast

The leading demolition experts in the Gold Coast region

Demolition Gold Coast Pro is the best demolition company on the Gold Coast.

We are experts in demolitions of all sizes and can handle any job, big or small. We have a team of experienced professionals who will make sure your demolition goes smoothly and without any problems.

We know that demolitions can be stressful, so we take care of everything for you. You won’t have to worry about a thing – we’ll take care of the permits, the cleanup, and anything else that needs to be done. All you need to do is sit back and relax – we’ll take care of everything.

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Introducing the best demolition company and what they do

Demolition Gold Coast Pro is a top-rated demolition and excavation company that specializes in both residential and commercial projects. No job is too big or small for our team of experienced professionals.

We offer different types of services such as earthmoving, land clearing, commercial and residential demolition, house demolition, spatial demolition, asbestos removal just to mention a few.

Our services are not only limited to demolition Gold coast, but we also do site preparation work such as tree removal and stump grinding, earthworks, excavation, and much more. So if you need any of these services, then you know who to call – Demolition Gold Coast Pro!

Why are they the most trusted demolition company on the Gold Coast

Many things make our services stand out and hence the most trusted demolition company. Some of those are;

  • Our experience in the industry: We have been operational for years and have handled all types of demolition projects. This experience has taught us a lot and hence why we are the most trusted company.
  • We always put safety first: The safety of our workers, clients, and the general public is always our number one priority. We always adhere to the strictest safety standards and regulations.
  • We are licensed and insured: This protects you from any liability in case of an accident.
  • We have a team of experts: Our team is composed of highly skilled and trained professionals who know exactly what they are doing.
  • We use state of the art equipment: We use the latest and most advanced equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently.
  • We offer competitive rates: We offer the most competitive rates in the industry without compromising on quality or service.

If you’re looking for a demolition company that you can trust, look no further than Demolition Gold Coast Pro.

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What services do they offer?

We offer different types of services to Gold Coast residents such as;

  • Residential Demolition
  • Commercial Demolition
  • Home Demolition
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Excavation
  • Land clearing etc.

Our customers tell of our services to be top-notch with most of our clients being referrals from past happy customers.

We attribute our success to always putting the customer first and working with integrity.

Our team of highly trained professionals is here to help you with all your demolition needs. Contact us today for a free quote!

How to contact them if you need their services

When you decide to choose us for your demolition needs, you can check our website You can also visit our office during business hours.

Our team of highly trained professionals is here to help you with all your demolition needs. We offer free quotes so you can budget for your project. Contact us today to get started!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Why should you choose us?

Demolition can be a complex process, but our team has the experience and expertise to handle any project, big or small. We understand that safety is always a top priority, so we take all necessary precautions to ensure that everyone involved stays safe during the demolition process. If you’re in need of a demolition contractor for your next project, call us today. We would be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a free estimate.

Demolition Gold Coast Pro


Address: 4 Taree St, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220

Telephone: (07) 5638 1207